• Influencers – 10
  • Reach – 100K+
  • Followers - 10K
  • Budget – 20K
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  • Influencers – 50
  • Reach – 300K+
  • Followers - 15K
  • Budget – 80K
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  • Influencers – 15
  • Reach – 500K+
  • Followers - 100K
  • Budget – 100K
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Get the Best Influencer Marketing Agency to Run Your Business

Influencer marketing paves the right pathway to gaining a new target-based audience, boosting consumer loyalty, and helping in the enhancement of brand awareness. More than 90 percent of social media users rely on influencers before purchasing a product or acquiring services. Associating with a powerful influencer could elevate your business-boosting more sales. Viewers rely on promotional content from an influencer they trust. The are more likely to pay attention as the advertisement is conducted by real people.

How do we conduct influencer marketing services in India?

Being a growing influencer marketing company in India, we help you in associating with authentic influencers. As a business, you need to understand the value of every brand, product, and audience. At Shakya Digitech LLP, we curate the customized designing of your campaign setting higher business goals.

We tend to find the right influencers for your brands from all genres and micro-influencers for authenticity. We ensure that the content developers will be sharing your brand value. Not just that, they help in boosting a higher engagement rate and an audience related to your business. We associate with top-notch influencers for planning creative and engaging campaigns to inspire and inform the audience.

We understand the benediction of different types of influencers making way for effective marketing campaigns. This includes product outreach, giveaways as well as sponsored social media content. Authentic influencers garner genuine followers who value opinions and trust advice.

So when you collaborate with the right content creators, with an ideal audience for your business, you know your brand message will reach the right people. Our expert professionals research your target audience, grab social channels to use and identify the most influential content workers to collaborate with.

Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

  • Enhancement of your brand awareness
  • Boosting brand and customer loyalty
  • Drive sales and business growth
  • Have a measurable ROI.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll show you transparent, targeted, and authentic influencer marketing you can depend on.

types of influencers

Top micro influencers in India

types of influencers

Top micro influencers in India


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